VITARGO ELECTROLYTE (2 kg) - 80 servings

VITARGO ELECTROLYTE (2 kg) - 80 servings

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Stay hydrated and maintain your performance levels during endurance training and sports with Vitargo Electrolyte. A high-molecular carbohydrate drink which includes the key electrolytes lost in sweat; sodium, calcium and magnesium, Vitargo Electrolyte also supports recovery post exercise. Drink this multi-functional fuel before, during or after exercise – a must for all endurance and team sport athletes! Vitargo Electrolyte enhances hydration by increasing the absorption of water during exercise, while the magnesium also contributes to electrolyte balance. In addition, the carbohydrate contribute to your recovery after intense and/or long-lasting activity. 

  • High molecular weight carbohydrate.
  • 66 gram of carbohydrate per serving.
  • Carbohydrate from barley starch.
  • Added electrolytes sodium, calcium and magnesium.
  • Enhances hydration and maintains endurance performance.
  • Helps improve recovery post demanding exercise.



When building muscle, a fast absorbing protein and carbohydrate are recommended as part of your post-workout shake. By repairing and refueling your depleted muscles immediately following your intense training session, you will take advantage of the highly publicized “anabolic window.” This brief window of opportunity is when your body will drastically absorb and utilize nutrients—much like a sponge to water— in order to build more muscle.  Vitargo will replenish your depleted reserves 70% faster than any other leading carbohydrate, leaving your muscles full, fed and fueled for your next workout. Supplement sponsors of the world’s best bodybuilders don’t want you to know that Vitargo fuels their workouts, recovery, and results. We thought it was about time you knew.


Olympic athletes and elite endurance specialists rely on Vitargo to fuel their first place achievements. Knowing that Vitargo, a complex carbohydrate, replenishes energy stores faster than any other simple or complex carbohydrate, it’s no wonder that the world’s elite choose Vitargo when running for victory. No bloat, no dizziness, and no crash. Please know that the side-effects associated with Vitargo supplementation are complete focus and sustained energy. Fight fatigue and finish first!


If you want to have the endurance to finish your fast-paced fight, Vitargo will provide the knock-out power needed to hold your hand high. All individual and team sports that require explosive and long-lasting energy will greatly improve with the energy benefits of Vitargo. Vitargo is manufactured from a complex high molecular weight carbohydrate so you won’t get the dreaded “crash” halfway through a game, but you will have a source of energy available to you faster than a simple carbohydrate. Elevate your endurance and fight fatigue with Vitargo’s high-grade fuel.


Replenish your reserve tank with Vitargo’s life energy source while cutting the edge off cravings. The afternoon office slump is generally and wrongfully fought off with a cup of coffee or a sugary snack. This will only stimulate the brain short-term whilst wreaking havoc on your dietary goals. Vitargo provides a convenient energy source without a sugar-slump.  By controlling your blood sugar levels and energy requirements with Vitargo, you are able to define your goals AND your physique.

Due to religious or health beliefs, millions of people will regularly fast, cleanse and detox, only to find that their energy levels seem to run on fumes, rather than fuel. Vitargo has the perfect energy values to help fuel your goals so you can feel good inside and out without falling into the hands of low-sugar slumps. By following our proven Vitargo loading cycle, you can reenergize with enthusiasm.

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